How to Learn To Illustrate for Design


I was watching this video for 2021 design trends. And illustration or certain types of illustration were in trend. What was even more reassuring was that what was in trend seemed to be simpler things to draw.

  • Full page drawings


These are some of the basics behind this app.

  • Lot of brush work, everything is about brushes
  • Alpha locking to color a layer
  • Selecting layers and adjusting them seems pretty useful
  • Useful method of learning to draw seems to be tracing another photo or drawing, layers will make this so easy
  • Snapping to shape seems useful

Learning to Draw

The Process for Character Drawing (in ProCreate)

Basically here are the steps:

  1. You sketch, to the uninitiated, this means you either trace or roughly draw shapes and very rough drawing of your illustration, I just learned this
  2. Now, you start a new layer and you “draw clean lines”, which means, you commit to a clean look and outline of your drawing, see below

The Process for Full Page Doodle (in ProCreate)
  • After the video though, he said, thumbnailing would have been a better idea. Thumbnail sketch is a super rough sketch of the entire composition, that way he knows exactly how many characters and objects to draw
  • Insert shapes into the background, then bring the opacity down and use them to help you keep perspective
  • To create lots of tiny characters, create multiple eyes, noses, and mouths then permutate and combine different ones to get lots of characters like above, you can find ideas for this on Pinterest or Instagram
  • Monoline and Syrup are great brushes for Inking or Outlining


Why Adobe Illustrator if I already know Sketch?

  • Vary the line thickness — shift and drag the line thickness to create the brush stroke effect
  • Image trace — automatically vectorizes simpler pixel images
  • Scale strokes and effects — helps us resize the entire drawing with the strokes and effects transforming in scale with the newer size
  • Paint inside shapes — select and press K
  • Brush tool — you can connect your iPad to your laptop with Sidecar then draw like you would

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