How to Learn to Effectively Use Typography in Your Designs


With the best fonts, your design can be a work of art. Illustration by stormyfuego

How to choose aesthetically pleasing font pairings?

  • Contrast looks good
  • Too similar looks bad
  • No more than 2 typefaces
  • Avoid cliches

Where to find amazing fonts?

This one especially:

How to think about fonts and typefaces?

  • Think of type as a voice
  • Make sure that the alignment and size of your text visually balances in your designs
  • Make sure your font and type is user friendly, which means it serves its utility, whether it be readability or style
  • Make sure that the type and font follow the visual hierarchy

Typography in Pop Culture

The Tame Impala album The Slow Rush uses the font Microgramma on the cover, a typeface that the band has used consistently on all of their album artwork.

Using famous but not too famous fonts could be a good strategy.

Typography in Video

Most people do with type in video is kinetic type animations.

In animation they do that too. I’ve seen it in vlogs and video games too.

But nothing too crazy.

I would love to try to do something fresh here…


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