How to Learn Graphic Design


Why graphics design? Because basically everything I do could benefit from amazing design skills!

From video to websites and apps, making things look good is an essential skill for anyone doing any kind of creative and visual work.

the ping pong was an animation, simple but cool, the rest is just for ideas, I like the markup thing, I like the color scheme, I like the surrealism, I like the perspective
Lots of great ideas, like the simple line drawings, permuting the same thing with small differences, the boterismo, the weirdness

I would say illustration and shading is clearly a weak point in my current skill set, I would say animation could be a nice skill to add, as well as composing different things to make a graphic.

I’m not sure what to call it but composing or remixing. This is when people kinda mix good type, illustration, 3D and photography into one graphic.

Learning more about type would be useful.

  • Day 1: Typography
  • Day 2: Illustration
  • Day 3: Composing & Remixing & Photography
  • Day 4: Shading & Coloring
  • Day 5: Animation
  • Day 6: Layout?
  • Day 7: Video? Or Make Something?

I left the last few as question marks, because after few days I start to understand things way better and find that my initial plan was bad anyway. So no point in

Okay I used to like Sketch. But I recently tried XD and it was good, it was really good. And since they straight up just copied Sketch, there’s almost no learning curve in switching apps.

I know some PhotoShop but not enough to do all these cool things. Illustrator is probably another one I don’t really know.

Then for animation there’s Animate, but since I wanna get better at After Effects, I will try to just animate in AE.

So that’s all Adobe Suite.

One last thing, for illustration, I might have to use my iPad and ProCreate.

  • Reddit

Has some great advice on people who have learned the same skills and has some tips and tricks.

  • YouTube

Has lots of interesting people doing cool things, like these guys:

  • SkillShare
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Behance
  • Dribbble

Basically this week I’d like to just walk away with better illustration and animation skills. And also have more work to show and share!

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